Corporate Real Estate Solutions

With real estate being one of a key cost driver for any enterprise initiative, robust facilities, strategic space planning and portfolio management is central to every organization’s success— whether it’s a medium – or long term strategic business initiative such as space acquisition & disposal which can trigger space management challenges that ripple throughout the entire portfolio. An efficient and strategic space planner manages this highly complex process involved in a transaction in a very effective and innovative way that it responds to current and future business needs. We at OREL manage the Lease portfolio through these transformations; remaining keenly conscious of the client business needs today in order to develop sound plan that responds and support their mission tomorrow.

Transaction Management

OREL team of professionals would the leasing, acquisition and disposition needs of properties towards the Best Solutions, aligned with your organization’s long-term strategy and workplace goals. Our Experienced Team helps to identify space Solutions in SEZ Campus, IT Parks, Technology campus, Commercial IT Buildings, Business Centers. Our Technology tools help drive the most suited options. The teams having transacted millions of square footage across the country help provided the required relationship connect to the Leading National Developers and Established Landlord. We understand Client culture, Business Objectives, Key drivers, before we even talk space. What drives your Business? Where does your workforce need to be? What design features help you work better? Then, we create a real estate strategy that informs where your space needs to be and what it needs to look like. All while staying on budget and saving you costs at every corner. We manage it all:

  • Strategic Planning

  • Market Analysis

  • Site Visits

  • Feasibility Planning

  • Landlord RFPs

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis

  • Financial Analysis

  • Offer Negotiation

  • Lease Negotiation

Real Estate Strategy Planning

We partner with occupiers to uncover opportunities that help your business work, create, build and grow…better. Real Estate Strategy planning is a lot more than space planning. This could mean changes in Design, Capacity Utilization, Adaptation of new technologies, compliance to Laws and Building Rules, Future Work place readiness, Disaster Management Planning and Business Continuity.

Our Work includes

  • Portfolio Optimization

  • Expense Reduction

  • Merger & Acquisition Support

  • Short, Medium and Long Term Portfolio Strategy

  • Sector Intelligence & Research

  • Site Selection / Location Advisory

  • Regional and Local Business Incentives Practice

  • Financial Analytics

Landlord Representation

Unlike standard broker firms which help only in coordinating transactions, the Depth of OREL’s practice in both Transaction and Advisory, Legal and Compliance Services immensely add value to Landlords in the marketing and leasing of their buildings. To lease your building we create unique marketing pieces for your property that brands your building and conveys the benefits and actualized benefits of it in a way that resonates with decision makers. We identify touch points that the building adds to the company culture, brand and client experience with tenants. Your building has a story, and we are here to tell it.

Our services include

  • Client Sourcing

  • LOI and lease drafting

  • Lease negotiations

  • Lease management

  • Tenant improvements

  • Project management

  • Lease renewals

  • Marketing

  • Branding

Lease Management Services

Orel as part of their added services offers Lease Administration Services to their Clients. This includes tracking of Leases across the portfolio, Data Management, Streamlining processes, Cost saving strategies, Timeline Controls, Risk mitigation, Critical date and event monitoring. This helps client to also have access to Best practices and completely focus on their Core Business.


Primary Sales

Real Estate being probably the highest value asset purchase that most Individuals make, it becomes high important to take decisions with the right set of Data Inputs, Market knowledge, Pricing models. OREL’s experienced teams help make these decisions not only with the help of Technology, Tools, Data but los with indepth knowledge of the market and Developers capability to deliver a good product. We give utmost importance to understand the client’s requirement very clearly based on parameters like family size, Location preference, accessibility to schools, colleges, hospitals and other recreation facilities. Because we deal with all segments of residential real estate like affordable, mid segment & luxury we can provide plethora of options in each location and segment depending on client’s need. Our core strength is our rich market information which helps our clients to make an informed decision. We believe in educating every client with information on locality pricing, comparative analysis between different competing projects in a micro market based on price, quality, facilities, builder reputation and post sales service.

Support Process for Primary Sales

  • Requirement Mapping

  • Market Analytics

  • Micro market Research

  • Qualitative Analysis

  • Developer Statistics

  • Post Sale Service Channels

  • Site Inspections – Virtual and Onsite

  • Technical and Legal Due Diligence

  • Fair Price Negotiation

  • Home Loan Support

  • Sale Closure & Documentation

Exclusive Project Marketing

Orel team has expertise in dealing with projects at various stages of project cycle like conception, designing, launch, under construction and post completion of construction. Micro market analysis is a crucial step which we take up as an initial step because that gives us the most important insights before marketing any project. Our detailed SWOT Analysis helps the developers to have a clarity on the marketing initiatives and the future course of actions.

Marketing Plan and Process Methodology

  • Market segmentation

  • Positioning & Branding

  • Lead generation - ATL/ BTL initiatives - Digital marketing plan - Channel partners networking

  • Sales team training

  • Sales cycle- Sustained sales velocity

  • Sale and Document closure

  • Home Loan Assistance

  • Customer connect programs

  • Referral campaigns

Investment and Corporate Sales

The Residential Investment and Corporate Sales Team leverages the on the strength of Orel strong market share in the Corporate Real estate and provides residential housing investment solution to employees of Corporate companies. The Team has the expertise and advises HNI’s. NRI’s and partners with Wealth advisers to provide investment avenue through hospitality , co-living, co-working , industrial warehousing real estate products to deliver the optimal Return on Investments.

Services Stream

  • NRI Investment Services

  • Technical and Legal Support

  • Corporate Structured Sales

Residential Leasing

With extensive reach to Clients and Developers across the Real estate spectrum, Orel’s team have extensive access to databases and client requirements. With listings on the Orel’s own web portal and technology tools gives it a unique advantage to map clients requirements with available leasing stock and assets.

  • Corporate Leasing Solutions

  • Developer Stock Rental Assistance

  • NRI and HNI Stock Leasing

  • Rental Property Sourcing

  • Requirement mapping

  • Tenant Profiling

  • Commercial Negotiation

  • Legal Advisory

  • Lease Deed & Documentation

Commercial RE and Investment


What is the right price to Sell or Buy a land. This is the question that hits most clients and more often than not , it is guided by hearsay or advice of known people. Right Pricing and Valuation along with Legal Advisory helps client to make informed and optimal decisions. Orel teams use data centric methodologies and analytical tools for deriving of land valuation.

The Land valuation parameters

  • Location

  • Floor Area Ratios

  • Space Index

  • Zoning

  • Total Buildable and Saleable areas

  • Usability

  • Title Ownership Status

  • Building Control Rules

  • Community bye-laws

The valuation methodologies are based on

  • Free market valuation

  • Current Built Area sale / Lease Valuations

  • Guideline Values

  • Joint Development yields

Since the Company services verticals of Legal Due Diligence, Approvals and Compliance check listing, Design Advisory services it adds extreme value and correctness in helping client in Land acquisition and disposal.

Our Services Include

  • Acquisition and Disposition

  • Transaction Advisory

  • Joint Venture

ROI Properties and Project Investments

The Capital Markets team engages in sourcing Potential Investors for ready built assets. Maximizing returns and minimizing risks for investors are done through asset class opportunity available. This also balances the right mix between current market opportunities and long term asset strength. We provide and support for evaluations and study on Asset Purchase of potential rent yield campus and completed projects. Cost analysis methodologies and Return of Investment calculations are evaluated to derive right valuation based on above parameters.

With detailed analysis on the

  • Current Yields

  • Revenue projections

  • Asset Quality

  • Legal and Approval Checks

  • Building Stability

  • Technical evaluations

  • Future development potential

  • Marketability of stock

Advisory Services

Conducting business in Developing Economies usually requires a keen ability to understand and forecast some of the complex details that are linked to the development policies of the Governments, Tax structures, Regulatory compliance, Approvals & Legal laws which evolves more rapidly in a developing economy. We at OREL understand that Real Estate Strategy is not always limited to Space Solutions and availability. With our in-house Design, Legal and Compliance Advisors are with you at every step of your Real Estate Strategy and Planning.

Design and Project Planning

Today’s Workplaces are designed to provide the best user experience to the employees working in Corporate Offices and Campus. It has been proven that Top Amenities, employee engagement activities and campus facilities provide for better productivity and satisfaction levels to the employees. OREL Design and Management Consulting teams provide services to Real Estate Developers to plan , execute, lease and operate the Amenities and Facilities in the projects.

Amenities Planning would include

  • Food courts

  • Sports facilities

  • F&B formats

  • Shopping and Retail

  • Childcare

  • Healthcare

  • Financial Services

  • Entertainment

  • Smart Campus Applications

Orel is successfully implemented these models at various projects and involved in the planning and execution of Multiple projects to the size of 9 million sft.

Campus Retail and Amenities

The key driver for Corporate Parks, Office Campus , Office Developments have been the planning and curating of the Retail and Amenities providers for these parks. The specialized teams at Orel have been instrumental in planning and leasing Retail and Amenities formats in multiple cities Pan India and are currently involved in Development Projects of around 12 Milion sft. As in retail malls this would require a large amount of expertise to model and zone the different retail formats and client / employee requirements.

The team would take complete execution with relation to

  • Space planning

  • Format analysis

  • Vendor selection

  • Proposal

  • Commercial negotiation

  • Leasing

  • Legal documentation

SEZ & Compliance

The OREL Team has extensive experience in the SEZ Domain and has helped a large set of companies to set up operations in the Special Economic Zones.

  • Setting up of SEZ Unit

  • Transfers of SEZ Units

  • Exits from SEZ Zone

  • Statutory operational compliance

  • Setting up of New SEZ Projects

  • Due Diligence

  • New Start-up Business Practice

  • Setting up of Companies

  • Entity Incorporation

  • GST Registration

  • Initial Statutory Compliance and filings

Compliance Services

When clients make major decisions to buy or lease properties built properties, the additional evaluation on Approvals check listing and Technical Due Diligence becomes critical. We support client with evaluations on the Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Lift, Sewerage and Water Treatment plants installed at these buildings. A detailed approval check listing on the project with respect to Building Approvals, Licenses, Permits and the installation and operations licenses provide clients with a complete 360 degree information docket to make the right decisions.